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Purse Obsession is a leading online wholesale handbags distributor dedicated to offering the lowest wholesale prices to the general public. Our unique business format allows us to offer the absolute lowest prices out of the competition with a price match guarantee, and we proudly offer the widest selection of styles and industry leading best quality.

Our minimum order wholesale requirement is only $50 per order and we offer free shipping for all orders over $300. Shipping fees will still apply to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska, but our customers in those territories will enjoy greatly discounted shipping rates if your order exceeds $300.

Featured Products

M-Style Wholesale Satchel Handbag - K1405
$15.75  $11.70
On Sale: 26% Discount
M-Style Wholesale Satchel Handbag - K1411
$14.95  $11.95
On Sale: 20% Discount
20-Bags Lot-A
$239.00  $198.00
On Sale: 17% Discount
20-Bags Lot-B
$239.00  $198.00
On Sale: 17% Discount
10-Bags Close Out D
$129.00  $69.00
On Sale: 47% Discount
12-Bags Lot-O
$119.00  $79.00
On Sale: 34% Discount

New Products For July

10-Wallets Close Out A
$59.00  $37.50
On Sale: 36% Discount
10-Wallets Close Out B
$59.00  $37.50
On Sale: 36% Discount
10-Wallets Close Out C
$59.00  $37.50
On Sale: 36% Discount
20-Wallets Close Out A
$118.00  $75.00
On Sale: 36% Discount